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Lasair Filters

The following is a small selection of event filters that Lasair can produce.

The following may take up to a minute to execute. Please be patient.

Name Description
SN-like candidates in last 14 days

Stream: 42SN-likecandidatesinlast14days

SN-like candidates (Sherlock classifications SN, NT and orphans). Rejects Pan-STARRS star matches
All nuclear transients and TDE candidates

Stream: 42AllnucleartransientsandTDEcandidates

Near core of inactive catalogued galaxies (within 1"), flags Pan-STARRS stellar matches to let user judge star/galaxy separation. Objects discovered in last 14 days.
TNS crossmatch

Stream: 2TNScrossmatch

This query finds all Lasair objects that are in the Transient Name Server, meaning they have a comment that includes the string 'TNS'. The most recent are first.

Lasair Filters and Queries

Lasair also provides a more powerful freeform SQL interface where you can see the SQL for these streams, customise for yourself, make and save your own filters.
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