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Gravitational Wave Skymap: S191213ai

The probability contours of the location of the gravitational-wave counterpart are shown below; the sky background can be changed with the selector, and the interface allows arbitary zooming. The 9 contour lines show percentiles of the probability density: the outermost line contains 90% and the innermost contains 10%. The three checkboxes below are as follows:
  • Coverage: shows if the ZTF survey has covered the skymap in the date range specified. Note that ZTF did not start until 20180527.
  • Candidates: Shows the ZTF candidates surrounding the skymap and in a time window around the event time. The form fields are in days, as differences from the event time.
  • Galaxies: Shows galaxies that may have the counterpart, with the size of the symbol as the 3D probability density at that galaxy position and distance.
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Distance258.0 ± 121.1 Mpc
ISO Date:2019-12-13T15:59:05.898018
Julian date:2458831.166
Percent probability: BNS=0, NSBH=84, BBH=0 MassGap=0
max prob RA,Dec275.6, -4.9
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