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Lasair and Jupyter

Below are some Jupyter notebooks that use the ZTF candidate catalog. If you have a login, use the server that can connect to the ZTF database here. These logins are issued on a very limited basis, since Lasair is a technology prototype, not a production system. However, if you would like a login, we will consider your request if you write to us saying what you would like to do with the Jupyter access to Lasair, together with your name, preferred username, and email address, to lasair-help@lists.roe.ac.uk.
  • Display an object in Jupyter that replicates the web page for the object (HTML, ipynb)
  • Plotting sky coverage on Mollweide projection (HTML, ipynb)
  • Star/galaxy separation analysis (HTML, ipynb)
  • Fetching data from many sources: Transient Name Server, PanSTARRS images, Open Astronomy catalogs. (HTML, ipynb)
  • Find transients in a host galaxy much more luminous than the host (HTML, ipynb)
Please Contact us with any notebooks that you would like to share.